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 02   /   2017

Photo: Jordan Probst (

War is in the air. Across a landscape riven by famine, penury, and the scent of ash, seven children come out to play. They tease, argue, laugh, chase a squirrel; their innocence is tested as the play hurtles
toward a climax as disturbing as it is commonplace.


Set originally in England, 1943,  director Nicole Wilson has taken the play out of its historical context and turned it into an expressionistic fever-dream, a speculation on the nature of human interactions in a world pulled apart by penury, civil strife, and the terrified impulses that give rise to Trumpism.

"Good Old Neon produces theatre that reflects the world we live in - shattering, compelling, and provocative."  - Lynn Slotkin


Text by Dennis Potter

Directed, Designed, & Choreographed by Nicole Wilson

Stage Managed by Kay Bratton

Lighting Design by Steve Vargo

Fight Choreography by Nate Bitton


Nicola Atkinson 

Michael-David Blostein

Vince Deiulis 

Jeff Dingle

Ara Glenn-Johanson

Hayden Finkelshtain

Alexander Offord 

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