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11   /   2015

Photo: Nicholas Porteous (

When reports of sexual violence at a far-flung silver mine in a dirt-poor country begin to reach Canadian shores, the corporation which owns the operation dispatches LeBlanc, a highly intelligent and calculating avatar of the corporate machine. She encounters Beamish, the slick-talking company man overseeing the operation, whose grip on morality – and his own sanity – are slipping with every moment. When civil war breaks out between the two rival ethnicities in the country, and blood begins to run in the street, LeBlanc and Beamish are taken hostage by a mysterious soldier, whose motives – and history – are as ruthless as they are tragic

"[A] whip-smart, ballsy drama with a complicated female lead and a lot to say about corporate politics and moral justification. It was stirring, it was haunting, it was unapologetic, and we’re still debating it nearly nine months later which is about as big a compliment we can think of for any new work." -- Kelly Bedard

Text & Direction by Alexander Offord

Set Design by  Rachel Forbes

Costume Design by Lynne Griffin

Lighting Design by Claire Hill

Stage Managed by Katie Jones


Sean Sullivan

Craig Thomas

Nicole Wilson

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