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The Hystericon

06   /   2013

In late 19th century Paris, Augustine, Blanche, and Geneviève are the most famous patients of Jean-Martin Charcot at the Salpêtrière insane asylum for women. Join them on a metatheatrical odyssey through madness and hysteria, the very darkest recess of psychiatric medicine. But something seems to be going wrong…

"[Good Old Neon has] taken a genre positively filled with hoary old tropes and predictable dullness, and they’ve somehow cobbled together a fresh, innovative, interesting and utterly worthwhile play." -- Mike Anderson

Photo: Nicholas Porteous (

Text, Light Design, and Direction by Alexander Offord

Movement Choreography by Nicole Wilson

Dance Choreography by Courtney Simpson


Renée Haché

Nicholas Porteous

Lesley Robertson

Nicole Wilson

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