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One Left Hour: The Life and Work of Daniil Kharms


“One Left Hour refuses to spoon-feed its audience. Instead, it begs you to relinquish your expectations in order to enjoy. Nicole Wilson’s direction and design highlight both the tender and the grotesque moments of this production…refreshing and demands that you continue to examine the piece post-viewing. This is art that works hard and insists that you do too.”  - The Toronto Star

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“To translate the poems of absurdist Russian poet Daniil Kharms to the stage is a heady task, but the players behind Good Old Neon pull it off with engaging physical theatre and lots of charm.

Rather than read poems and build scenes out of Kharms’ work, the actors float in and out of vignettes that interpret the poetry with a dream-like quality. Breaking the fourth wall, even before the show begins, is at first jarring but it later pays off in the second half.

Flipping the script of a traditional production serves the avant-garde source material. Dance, puppetry and soliloquies all mesh to create a memorable show that lingers long after the lights dim.” - NOW Magazine, NNNN

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Blue Remembered Hills 


“Good Old Neon Theatre has presented another production that is challenging, provocative and thought-provoking in these emotional times. Good Old Neon Theatre produces theatre that reflects the world we live in—shattering, compelling and provocative.” - The Slotkin Letter 

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“There’s a certain amount of buying in that Wilson’s production demands, and surely some audience members won’t be able to pay; but if you can wrap your head around all the madness and the dirt (and the whiteface and the pre-show soundscape), the returns are remarkable.” - My Entertainment World

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Two-Character Play

"Trigger Warning! This play contains slow, circling ruminations about the fragility of life, the finality of death and the f-word: fear. But if you can stomach the existential dread, you'll be rewarded. At the performance I attended, when one surly audience member - who had complained earlier about an oddly placed mirror - got up to leave, Wilson added a third layer to the play's meta-structure by asking Pilipiak/Felice to wait until the man had left before they continued, which got a big audience reaction. Quick, natural and perfectly in character."

- NOW Magazine 

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"Potosí is some of the best theatre I’ve seen. Gripping, raw, strong writing and even stronger acting. Special mention of Nicole Wilson as LeBlanc. She’s a bold risk taker, and it pays off every time." - In the Greenroom

"Good Old Neon's Potosí brings fine performances by Sean Sullivan, Nicole Wilson and Craig Thomas. As thoughtful as it is engrossing." - NOW Magazine

Wilson is brilliant as the morally mercurial suit whose gender puts her in grave peril when she and Beamish are taken hostage…” - My Entertainment World

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The Hystericon 


“…the ladies who inhabit The Hystericon blew my mind. They’ve taken a genre positively filled with hoary old tropes and predictable dullness, and they’ve somehow cobbled together a fresh, innovative, interesting and utterly worthwhile play. Renée Haché, Lesley Robertson, and Nicole Wilson each play a patient at the Salpêtrière asylum for women. These characters are note-perfect, and the interplay between the performers is outstanding.”


Director Alexander Offord loves to toy with us, allowing us to believe that the experience will be sterile, gutless, clean and tidy–until the grotesque arrives." - Mooney On Theatre

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